Community Improvement Council, Inc.

Our Vision

Through staff development, parental involvement, dedication, and collaboration with other agencies, the Community Improvement Council, Inc. will leave no income eligible child/family or child with a disability, unserved, in our community.

Student Enrollment

Eligibility for Head Start is based upon Federal income guidelines and age requirement. Children with disabilities are intergrated into the Head Start program.

Employment Opportunities

CIC is an equal opportunity employer.

Volunteer Opportunities

Would you like to get involved but don’t know how?  Let us show you how easy it can be.  Program volunteers read to children, play educational games, assist with classroom activities, field trips, and various projects.

Community Partnerships

CIC’s success is due in part  to it’s many supporters such as:

  • Averett University
  • Danville City Government
  • Danville Community College
  • Danville Social Service
  • Danville Public School
  • Smart Beginnings
  • Strategic Therapy Associates
  • Womack Foundation
  • And many others

Our Mission

The Community Improvement Council, Inc. Head Start is to provide a flexible comprehensive quality service to income eligible children and children with disabilities in their early stages of development and their families, through training and educational programs which will enhance their fullest potential for reaching future goals.

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Head Start Child Development Staffing List, February 2016


  • Tara Martin, Executive/Head Start Director,  title=
  • Theresea Cobbs, Office Manager/Program Monitor,  title=
  • India Robertson, Finance/HR Director,  title=
  • Elizabeth Adams, Finance/Human Resource Assistant,  title=
  • Taylor Naff, Data Collection and Compliance Manager,  title=


  • Nathaniel Reynolds, Disability/Mental Health Manager,  title=



  • Rona Parker-Davis, Health & Safety Manager,  title=



  • Virginia Coleman, Family Service Manager/Fatherhood Coordinator,  title=

Family Service Technicians:

  • Sherri Freeman,  title=
  • Kimberly Kelly,  title=
  • Amanda Pettiford,  title=



  • Sharon Stokes, Food Service Manager, s title=
  • Frances Gore, Food Service Cook,  title=
  • Annie Waldren, Food Service Aide, a title=



Bus Drivers:

  • Curtis Hailstock,  title=
  • Sherry Walker,  title=

Bus Monitors:

  • TBA



  • I’vonna Martin,  title=
  • Jimmie Richardson

Jion Word, Education Manager,  title=

  • Class 1 – Ms. Frances Carter, Teacher,  title=
    • Mrs. Tameka McMoore, Assistant Teacher,  title=
  • Class 2 – Ms. Jessica Hockett-Gregory, Teacher,  title=
    • Mrs. Karen Tucker, Assistant Teacher,  title=
  • Class 3 – Mrs. Amanda Barksdale, Teacher,  title=
    •  Ms. Delores Ford-Robinson, Assistant Teacher,  title=
  • Class 4 – Ms. Amanda Reaves, Teacher,  title=
    • Ms. Cowanda Cobbs, Assistant Teacher,  title=
  • Class 5 – TBA, Teacher,
    • Ms. Nakita Ferrell,Assistant Teacher,  title=
  • Class 6 – Mrs. Jacqueline Hubbard, Teacher,  title=
    • Mrs. Arlene Jones, Assistant Teacher,  title=
  • Class 7 – Mrs. Edith Petty, Teacher,  title= 
    • Ms. Janice Wilson, Assistant Teacher,  title=
  • Class 8 – Amanda Howell, Teacher,  title=
    •  Ms. Gloria Pritchett, Assistant Teacher,  title=
  • Class 9 – Mrs. Carol McLaughlin, Teacher,  title=
    • Ms. Deborah O’Quinn, Assistant Teacher, title=
  • Class 10 – Ms. Pamela Swanson, Teacher,  title=
    • Mrs. Barbara Gregory, Assistant Teacher,  title=
  • Class 11 – Mrs. Dorita Terry, Teacher,  title=
    • Mrs. Rita Coleman, Assistant Teacher,  title=
  • Class 12 – Mrs. Candace Turner, Teacher,  title=
    • Amanda Scearce, Assistant Teacher title=