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Get Involved!

What is CIC?

CIC is a federal program that promotes the school readiness of pre-school children from low-income families by enhancing their cognitive, social and emotional development. CIC programs provide comprehensive services to enrolled children and their families, which include health, nutrition, social services, and other services determined to be necessary by family needs assessments, in addition to education and cognitive development services. CIC services are designed to be responsive to each child and family’s ethnic, cultural and linguistic heritage.

Why Volunteer?

• To share a skill

• To get to know a community

• To demonstrate commitment to a cause/belief

• To gain leadership skills

• To donate your professional skills

• To have an impact

• To learn something new

• To be challenged

• To feel proud

• To make new friends

• To explore a career

• To help someone

• To do something different from your job

• For fun!

• To earn academic credit

• To feel good

• To be a part of a team

• To build your resume

What Will I Do?

 • Read a story

• Help work a puzzle

• Build a bridge with blocks

• Help create a painting

• Work with clay

• ”Cook” a recipe

• Play a game

• And much, much more!

Would you like to get involved but don’t know how? 

Let us show you how easy it can be. Program volunteers read to children, play educational games, assist with classroom activities, field trips, and various projects.

Volunteer Opportunities

Regular Volunteer

Assist on a regular basis and work directly with the children served.

Event Volunteer

Volunteer for one of our events. Call the center for more information.

Facilities Volunteer

Volunteer to work on any outdoor or indoor projects. Call the center for more information.

Bonner Leader Volunteer

All hours can be counted towards Averett University’s Bonner Leadership Program hours and required community service.

How to Sign Up!


If you are interested in any of the above volunteer options please contact our Executive/Head Start Director for more information on volunteering.


 Jion Word, Executive/Head Start Director



Volunteering FAQs

 Is there an age requirement for volunteering?

Yes, for the safety and well-being of the program’s children, we have a policy that mandates that a volunteer must be of 16 years of age.

 Are there any requirements to volunteer?

Qualifications and experience requirements vary based on the volunteer role. Some positions might require specific skills or knowledge, while others are open to individuals who are willing to learn. We value diversity and welcome volunteers from all backgrounds. The majority of volunteer work consists of working directly with the children we serve and do not require any specific skill sets. 

If volunteering regularly, you must undergo a background check and Tuberculosis test before continuing volunteering under the requirements and Program Performance Standards set by the federal government.


•  In-Kind Committee

• School Readiness Committee

• Classroom Committees

• Health Advisory Committe

•  Special Events Committee

• Week of the Young Child Committee

• Fatherhood Committee

Policy Council

If you would like to volunteer to participate in our Policy Council, please contact Family Service Manager!


Kimberly Kelly, Family Service Manager